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GT moose

Grand Tree Archive

For further archival results, check the race sites. CoolRunning no longer exists in past form, but results might be available by special request from A Goodbye From Cool Running!.
Race 2023 2022     2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 compilation
GT Total Total-23 Total-22 Total-21   Total-19 Total-18 Total-17 Total-16 Total-15 Total-14 Total-13 Total-12 Total-11 Total-10 Total-09 Total-08 Total-07 Total-06 Total-05 Total-04  
GT Best 1,2,..[6] Best-23 Best-22 Best-21   Best6-19 Best6-18 Best6-17 Best6-16 Best6-15 Best6-14 Best6-13 Best6-12 Best6-11 Best6-10 Best6-09 Best6-08 Best6-07 Best6-06 Best6-05 Best6-04  
GT Alphabetical alpha-23 alpha-22 alpha-21   alpha-19 alpha-18 alpha-17 alpha-16 alpha-15 alpha-14 alpha-13 alpha-12 alpha-11 alpha-10 alpha-09 alpha-08 alpha-07 alpha-06 alpha-05 alpha-04  
Bear Hole Bear-23 Bear-22                                      
Bimblers Bash Bim-23 Bim-22     Bim-19                                
Busa Bushwack Busa-23 Busa-22 Busa-21   Busa-19 Busa-18 Busa-17 Busa-16 Busa-15 Busa-14 Busa-13 Busa-12 Busa-11 Busa-10 Busa-09 Busa-08 Busa-07 Busa-06 pre-GT 2005 pre-GT 2004  
Chesterfield Gorge   Chester-22 Chester-21                                    
Cranmore           Cran-18 Cran-17 Cran-16 Cran-15 Cran-14 Cran-13 Cran-12 Cran-11 Cran-10 Cran-09 Cran-08 Cran-07 Cran-06 Cran-05    
Goodwin Forest Good-23 Good-22 Good-21   Good-19 Good-18 Good-17 Good-16 Good-15                        
Greylock Grey-23 Grey-22 Grey-21   Grey-19 Grey-18 Grey-17 Grey-16 Grey-15 Grey-14 Grey-13 Grey-12 Grey-11 Grey-10 Grey-09 Grey-08 Grey-07 Grey-06 Grey-05 Grey-04  
Groton Forest Grot-23 Grot-22 Grot-21   Grot-19 Grot-18 Grot-17 Grot-16 Grot-15 Grot-14 Grot-13 Grot-12 Grot-11 Grot-10 Grot-09 Grot-08 Grot-07 Grot-06 Grot-05 Grot-04 Grot-03
Haystack Challenge   Hay-22                                      
Merrimack River Mer-23 Mer-22 Mer-21   Mer-19 Mer-18 Mer-17 Mer-16 Mer-15 Mer-14 Mer-13 Mer-12 Mer-11 Mer-10 Mer-09 Mer-08 Mer-07 Mer-06 Mer-05 Mer-04 ...2008
Monroe Mon-23 Mon-22 Mon-21   Mon-19 Mon-18 Mon-17 Mon-16 Mon-15 Mon-14 Mon-13 Mon-12 Mon-11 Mon-10 Mon-09 Mon-08 Mon-07 Mon-06 Mon-05 Mon-04 1992-2005
Muddy Moose           Moose-18 Moose-17 Moose-16 Moose-15 Moose-14 Moose-13 Moose-12 Moose-11 Moose-10 Moose-09 Moose-08 Moose-07 Moose-06 Moose-05 Moose-04  
Nipmuck Nip-23 Nip-22 Nip-21 Nip-20 Nip-19 Nip-18 Nip-17 Nip-16 Nip-15 Nip-14 Nip-13 Nip-12 Nip-11 Nip-10 Nip-09 Nip-08 Nip-07 Nip-06 Nip-05 Nip-04 Nip-03
Nipmuck South NipSouth-23 NipSouth-22 NipSouth-21   NipSouth-19 NipSouth-18 NipSouth-17 NipSouth-16 NipSouth-15 NipSouth-14                      
Northern Nipmuck NNip-23 NNip-22                   NNip-12 NNip-11 NNip-10 NNip-09 NNip-08 NNip-07 NNip-06 NNip-05 NNip-04 2000-05
Peaked Mt         Peaked-19 Peaked-18 Peaked-17                            
People's Forest Peop-23 Peop-22 Peop-21 Peop-20 Peop-19 Peop-18 Peop-17 Peop-16 Peop-15 Peop-14 Peop-13 Peop-12 Peop-11 Peop-10 Peop-09 Peop-08 Peop-07 Peop-06 Peop-05    
new Pisgah race website Pis-23       Pis-19 Pis-18 Pis-17 Pis-16 Pis-15 Pis-14 Pis-13 Pis-12 Pis-11 Pis-10 Pis-09 Pis-08 Pis-07 Pis-06 Pis-05 Pis-04 23K-03
Soapstone Mt Soap-23 Soap-22 Soap-21   Soap-19 Soap-18 Soap-17 Soap-16 Soap-15 Soap-14 Soap-13 Soap-12 Soap-11 Soap-10 Soap-09 Soap-08 Soap-07 Soap-06 Soap-05 Soap-04 Soap-03
Mt Toby Toby-23 Toby-22 Toby-21   Toby-19 Toby-18 Toby-17 Toby-16 Toby-15   Toby-13 Toby-12 Toby-11 Toby-10 Toby-09 Toby-08 Toby-07 Toby-06 Toby-05 Toby-04 Toby-03
Trails to a Cure Cure-23 Cure-22   Cure-20 Cure-19                                
Upton TVFR Upton-23 Upton-22 Upton-21   Upton-19 Upton-18 Upton-17 Upton-16 Upton-15 Upton-14                      
Wapack   Wap-22 Wap-21   Wap-19 Wap-18 Wap-17 Wap-16 Wap-15 Wap-14 Wap-13 Wap-12 Wap-11 Wap-10 Wap-09 Wap-08 Wap-07 Wap-06 Wap-05   Wap-03
Wolf Den Dash         Wolf-19                                

Grand Tree Alumni Races

Gorilla, Hairy             Gor-17 Gor-16 Gor-15 Gor-14 Gor-13 Gor-12   Gor-10 Gor-09 Gor-08 Gor-07 Gor-06 Gor-05    
Powisset Farm         Pow-19                                
Seven Sisters             7Sis-17 7Sis-16 7Sis-15 7Sis-14 7Sis-13 7Sis-12 7Sis-11 7Sis-10 7Sis-09 7Sis-08 7Sis-07 7Sis-06 7Sis-05 7Sis-04  
Skyline             Sky-17 Sky-16 Sky-15 Sky-14 Sky-13 Sky-12 Sky-11 Sky-10 Sky-09 Sky-08 Sky-07 Sky-06 Sky-05    
Stone Cat             Cat-17 Cat-16 Cat-15 Cat-14 Cat-13 Cat-12 Cat-11 Cat-10 Cat-09 Cat-08 Cat-07 Cat-06 Cat-05 Cat-04 Cat-03
Wapack and Back (was MorFun Wapack)             WaBack-17 WaBack-16 WaBack-15 WaBack-14 WaBack-13 WaBack-12 WaBack-11 MorFun-10 MorFun-09 MorFun-08          

Races of yore, may memory of their runners' exploits long endure

Beech Mt                                         Beech-03
Breakneck                             Neck-09 Neck-08 Neck-07 Neck-06 Neck-05 Neck-04 1997-2005
CDC         CDC-19                                
Curly's                         Curl-11 Curl-10 Curl-09 Curl-08          
Diamond Hill                               Dia-08 Dia-07 Dia-06 Dia-05 Dia-04  
French River, aka Hodges Hoedown, ex Oxford Dam         French-19 Hoe-18 Hoe-17 Hoe-16 Hoe-15       Dam-11 Dam-10 Dam-09 Dam-08 Dam-07 Dam-06   Dam-04 Dam-03
Greylock Marathon                                   GreyM-06      
Northfield                         North-11 North-10 North-09 North-08 North-07 North-06 North-05 North-04 North-03
Monadnock                                     MtMon-05    
Run with the Beavers           Beaver-18                              
Savoy Mt                   Savoy-14 Savoy-13 Savoy-12 Savoy-11 Savoy-10 Savoy-09 Savoy-08 Savoy-07 Savoy-06 Savoy-05 Savoy-04 ...2005
Shaupeneak                                         Shaup-03