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Course change - for new 2013 course and race application, please go to Savoy Mt Trail Races. Thanks!

16.5 or 4 miles
Sunday 9AM
August 18, 2013
DCR's Savoy Mt. State Forest

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Start/Finish: North Pond at DCR's Savoy Mt. State Forest.

Enjoy a post race plunge in the lovely Pond.

16.5 Mile Course: Start at North Pond as usual. See Map, follow Blue Blazes. Runners will do the 11 mile loop from previous years with an "out and back" ridge run added from the top of Spruce Hill along the new BNRC (Berkshire Natural Resource Council) Hoosac Range Trail to the BNRC Rt 2 Parking Lot. 5 Aid Stations; 2 with water+fuel (Gatorade, fruit, pretzels), 3 are jugs o' water. Expect sublime views from Spruce Hill and the ridge. Uses hiking and ATV trails. Hilly with an abundance of rocks and exposed roots. Can get very muddy with rainy weather. Race begins at 9:00 A.M.

4 Mile Course: ~4 mile course is primarily on hiking trails in the park. Plenty of rocks, roots and other trail hazards. Race begins at 9:15 A.M.

  • Pre-Entry Fee $15 for the 16.5 miler, $10 for the 4 miler, before 8/11/13.
  • Entry fee on race day is $25 for the 16.5 miler and $15 for the 4 miler.
  • TRAIL RACE DIRECTORS RUN FOR FREE!!!!!!!! (still submit application)
  • Sorry, no refunds.
  • More info on BNRC's Hoosac Range Trail at BNRC
  • Driving instructions at Mass DCR Savoy
  • Results posted on http://runwmac.com
  • Refreshments: Fruit and snacks for runners and guests. Bring your own BBQ.
More info: , Race director.

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