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The Dick Results are Up ;)

The Moby Dick anyway! More than 600 runners competed in the 8-mile Moby Dick race to the summit of Mt. Greylock on Sunday, March 10, 2002. Racers left from the Visitors Center on Rockwell Road in Lanesboro and followed the road to the summit. Top three male finishers were Leigh Schmitt in 59:42, second was Ken Clark 1:01:57 and third overall finisher was Bob Dion 1:02:14. The first three female finishers were Anne Gilley of Williamstown in 1:18:16, second Jennifer Shultis 1:18:17 and third female overall was Kim Baker in a time of 1:21:05. If the times seem quick this year, bear in mind that only half the Moby dick was run because of the poor running conditions. If this many people had fun doing only half of the Dick, wait for next year when runners may be able to enjoy the whole Dick! Weather conditions ranged from sunny and breezy to near blizzard-like conditions at the top. Running conditions included bare blacktop for the first 5 miles followed by three miles of snow cover and ice spots. Runners were treated to a variety of homemade dishes and treats donated by the Western Mass Athletics Club. Our thanks to Bob Dion and all the volunteers for a memorable race! Click here for your Dick Results! Check back soon for race photos.

Iditapub 2002 Photos

Click on the links to enjoy some Iditapub 2002 photos. Marvel at the raw courage displayed by this motley crew of runners. Perhaps the bravest Iditapubber of them all will step forward and send us a write-up. The beagle love was there.
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Beaver Brook Snowshoe Race

Emailed to us from Ed Alibozek:
Hi! What a day for Idita Pub today, huh?? I hope Bob Dion and friends had a great time!! For snowshoeing - the Beaver Brook Snowshoe Race went along yesterday and it was GREAT! The weather was really nice, the location is wonderful, the town of Hollis looks like New England should! RD's Dave and Rich did a tremendous job of improvising so that we could have a snowshoe race - as opposed to a foot race - it worked out really well and was a lot of fun (well, once the first lap was over because that first 3/4 mile in a snowshoe race never feels real good does it?? until your body sort of catches up with the effort.... ) For results -- here is the link -- the results will be accessed off that page -- Dave Dunham won the men's race over Steve Peterson and Kenny Clark -- Laurel Shortel won her first wmac snowshoe race with a victory over Chris Beverly!! Real good day, saw alot of friends from all over! Managed to get a hug from Rich Busa - and two hugs from Leon Beverly!!!! plus - those of us lucky enough to be at this event were treated to meeting Leon's wife and daughter -- what a bonus! About a dozen people won running shoes - there were enough give-aways for everyone to get one or two items!! That was great, and the after race awards were done inside a building wiht some hot chocolate available!! Free o-meet after - i think the Preite/Bradley/Aldrich trio participated... we told Bruce Marvo that if he was going to orienteer he could do it all the way back to CT...... had a flat tire on Konrad's car to repair back at Kenny's house!! Saratoga is up next - weather is going to change at the middle of this week...Thanks Dave Dunham for a saturday doing what i love to be doing - snowshoeing!! It isnt always easy to organize these events in new england, but it was great to see people driving out to NH to support the RD's efforts!! and it was FUN!!!!
see you in the springs

WMAC Members and Race Directors Please Read!

As this is the beginning of a new year, all WMAC members should renew their memberships as soon as possible. For simplicity reasons, WMAC officers are requesting a January renewal date, instead of each member renewing on the anniversary of their membership date. Please contact officers at the hotline (413-743-5124) or come to the monthly meeting for adjustments towards your renewal, if you have joined or renewed recently. The meetings are held at the American Legion in Adams, MA, on the first Wednesday of the month. For those who would like to join, click here. Also, race directors please login to the message board and post your races to our calendar. It is extremely easy to do and it is necessary for you to post it, so you can make changes as necessary. The webmasters can post the calendar event, but this would prevent you from "owning" the calendar entry, forcing you to request changes through us. Presently, there are more race directors from other clubs posting to our calendar than our own. It is a new year and advertisers are already asking for dates and info for events. Posting and planning events earlier, creates higher quality events, and allows more people to plan ahead for your event. Please consider posting your events soon. If you need assistance, please email pburdick@bcn.net. Thanks.

Greylock Glen

The combination of nice weather and Paul Hartwig and volunteer's outstanding efforts created a fantastic snowshoe event. More news expected soon.

South Pond Shuffle 2002

Hello!! It was really a fantastic day at South Pond today - thanks everyone who came out to snowshoe, participate, help or watch... the results are here. If someone can get me back in touch with Tiffany Man 26th place, Erin Croft 47th place I could use their email or postal address'... I lost the sign in sheet with the two of them and also Jules Seltzer on it (3 per page). I have Jules info already so no need to worry about him this time. We managed to get the race and after race festivities done without a race director today. Johnny Scalise was stuck at a work emergency pretty much the last three days... Ellen Mach told me that it takes a village to raise a child, and a club to put on an event... I countered with telling her that I thought it was "it takes a village to raise an idiot". anyhow - we had a great many people really jump in and help out in all kinds of ways, because year after year at these WMAC events we have the kindest of people... thank you all. The place really warmed up, I thought it was the sun shining like a new dime but then I realized it was jumping out of each of the participants... the smiles and joy you all were showing almost melted the ice on North Pond today. thank you thank you thank you. You were a very appreciative unit today, and each of you seemed to race to your peak... many best times today - on the watch and also in the mind... take care - see you at Greylock Glen next saturday for Paul Hartwigs 3.5 miler I hope!!

Farmer Ed

P.S. - Leigh Schmitt broke his old course record today by 15 seconds or so i think... and what a finish we had to the ladies race for first!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful snowshoeing Sheryl and Inge!!!!

Here are some photos of the "Shuffle", click on a numbered link to load the image.
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Laurie Sigloch to Make Presentation

The Western Mass Athletic Club has scheduled a guest speaker, Laurie Sigloch, for Wednesday evening, January 16, at 7:00PM, at its regular meeting site, the American Legion hall in Adams. The presentation, of interest to endurance athletes such as swimmers, bikers, and runners, is free and open to all members of the public. An accomplished endurance athlete, Ms. Sigloch placed third in her age division at the renowned Hawaii Ironman Triathlon in 1999 and 2001. The Hawaii Ironman competition consists of a 2.4 mile ocean swim, a 112 mile bicycle ride and a 26.2 mile marathon run. Ms. Sigloch, a teacher at Mt. Greylock Regional High School, will describe her training techniques and her experiences during the Hawaii competitions, and will answer related questions from the audience. The American Legion is located at 160 Forest Park in Adams and can be reached by turning on Prospect Street from Route 8, south of downtown Adams and following the signs to the Legion. For more information call Ken Swiatek at 458-5651.

PR* 50k Results

Forty runners, ranging in age from 8 to 63 from Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts converged in North Adams, MA to compete in the PR* 50K on Sunday, December 16, 2001. While the roads were largely snow and ice free, temperatures remained at or below freezing and the wind chill, at times, was in the single digits. Nine runners completed the entire 31 miles led by Bob Dion of Readsboro, VT in 3 hours and 57 minutes. First female to complete the course was Margie Peckham of Norwall, CT in 4 hours and 34 minutes. Other 50Kers and their times were Paul Shepardson, 4:02, Ron Johnston, 4:02, Jan Rancatti, 4:08, Seth Roberts, 4:14, Bill Donovan, 5:26, Darlene McCarthy, 5:54 and Barbara Markessinis, 5:54. Other runners and the distances they completed were Jim Preite and Paul Donovan, 25.5 miles, Eric White, 22 miles, Ken Swiatek, Scott Bradley, and John DeRosa, 20 miles. Those completing 14.5 miles were Darrell Carlson, John Aldrich, Ed Saharczewski, Simon Armata, Pete Lipka, Mike Kennedy, Brian McCarthy and Martha Hojnowski. Eleven mile finishers were Dick Dasatti and Claudine Preite. Five runners completed 9 miles. They were Jack Quinn, Ed Alibozek, Fran Mach, Joe Gwozdz and Karen Tendrup. The following completed 5.5 miles: Sheila Dassatti, Mike Pytko, Diane Pytko, Wendy Cwalinski, Denise Dion, Nelson Ogert, Justin McCarthy, Chase Preite, and Fallon Preite. The race directors would like to thank the Western Mass Athletic Club, and the owners and staff of the State Street "T' in North Adams for making this successful event possible. The PR* 50K is the longest distance annual running race run on the roads in Berkshire County.

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

More than 100 runners worked up an appetite after participating in the Western Mass Athletic Club Turkey Trot 5k held on Thanksgiving morning. Dusty Lopez dusted the competition with an overall win in a time of 16:00 while Katy Welcheter was the first female overall in a time of 19:36. Click here for complete results.

Van Hook, Pytko take Vets Day Race

From the Bennington Banner
With a sizable lead and a time of 17 minutes, 12.5, George Van Hook of Cambridge, N.Y. won the 7th annual Veterans Day road race Saturday. Van Hook has won the 5K race several times in the past. The women's winner was Diane Pytko, who crossed the line in 21:36. It was the best turnout ever for the race, with the possible exception of its first year, according to organizer Phil Young, who launched the race seven years ago. Fifteen minutes before start time, 100 people had entered the race, and runners were still signing up, Young said. With a Vietnam Veterans color guard standing by at attention, racers from grade school to retirement age took off running at 10 a.m. sharp. A walking contingent had already started at 9:30 a.m., so the first person to complete the five kilometers - which started 'and ended on Grove St. - was Gil Rodriguez, 68, with a racewalking time of 38 minutes, 34 seconds. Among the runners, elementary students with the Stateline Striders, based at Shaftsbury Elementary School under coach Howard Herrington, made a good showing. Some of them demonstrated an impressive burst of speed in the home stretch. Tim Sleeman, who has run in all seven Veterans Day races and has 29 road races to his credit, carried an American flag with him as he crossed the finish line Saturday. The race is sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans of America Local 601 and the Bennington Recreation Center. The $15 registration fee goes toward scholarships the VVA chapter offers high school students who have relatives who served in the military during the Vietnam War. Scholarships go to students at Mount Anthony Union High School, the Burr and Burton Academy and Arlington Memorial High School. Part of the money also goes for relief to needy veterans in the Bennington area, Young said. Young said he was inspired to start the event by the "moving memorial" for Vietnam Veterans when it visited Bennington in 1994. Several area businesses and service organizations co-sponsored the race. The registration fee entitled runners to T-shirts, awards, and ice cream. Rec Center employees Tracy Knights and Chris Rhodes donated a lot of time and energy to the race, Young said. Young also wanted to thank the many volunteers for their time and efforts to provide a safe race as well as the business sponsors from the community who have been very generous.

5K Run 1. George Van Hook, 17:12; 2. James Preite, 17:45: 3. Todd Jones, 17:55; 4. Robert Micley, 8:18; 5. Jan Rancatti, 19:00; 6. Bill Colvin, 19:06; 7. Mike Pytko, 19:16; 8. Scott Bradley, 19:42; 9. Michael Sharkey, 19:52; 10. Paul McKeever, 20:01; 11. Larry Jowett, 20:16; 12. John Imhof, 20:56; 13. Jesse Taylor, 21:05; 14. Kevin Bubriski, 21:09; 15. Diane Pytko, 21:36; 16. Jim Sharkey, 21:51; 17. Ken Swiatek, 21:52; 18. Darlene McCarthy, 22:12; 19. Karmen Whitham, 22:18; 20. McKenzie Krause, 22:19; 21. Scott Legacy. 22:20; 22. Jim Klick, 22:30; 23. Vic Laport, 22:31; 24. Justin McCarthy, 22:33; 25. Libbi Gaiser, 22:34: 26. Cody Taylor 22:49; 27. Al Leake, 23:23: 28. Molly Malone 23:30: 29. Claudine Preite, 24:13; 30. Chase Preite, 24:33 31. Robert Houle 24:48; 32. Brandon Harris, 24:56; 33. Fallon Preite, 25:02; 34. Amber Taylor, 25:08; 35. Debby Goldman, 25:08; 36. Brian McCarthy, 25:23: 37. Ernest Paquette, 25:27; 38. Chris Cassano, 25:39; 39. Karen Drup 25:40: 40. Anya Eckhardt, 25:43: 41. George Bushika, 25:45: 42. Stuart Bradford, 25:55; 43. Cody Pettibone, 25:58 ; 44. Amber Legacy, 26:07; 45. Michael Malone. 26:07: 46. Devon Hoar, 26:10; 47. Nick Constantino. 26:10; 48. Kirke McVay, 26:23; 49. Ryan Bubriski, 26:33; 50. Laurie Rondeau, 26:40; 51. Judith Adams, 27:13; 52. Code Taylor, 27:19; 53. Tabitha Taylor, 27:47: 54. Robert Clarke, 30:50; 55. Bill Wolfe, 30:58: 56. Barbara Bacchi, 31:28; 57. Lisa Moore, 34:19; 58. Sam Pettibone, 35:27; 59. Tim Sleeman. 36:15; 60. Cathy Giorgi, 39:11. 5K Walkers Birger Vigsnes. Gil Rodriguez, Rob LaPorte, Bill Garrison, Paul Garrison, Jim Sweet, Christina Imhof, Tom Hubbell, Mary Hubbell, Marylou Young, Kelsey Hill, Venus Bacon, Charlene Moffitt, Chris Bacon, Monty Moffitt, Larisa Dodge, Nicole Dodge, Fran O'Neill, Mark Balthardt, Brian Vesper, Silvia Boulger, Phyllis Armstrong, Joyce Miner, Bill Mason, Peggy Mason, Linda Cassano, Joe Cassano, Tyler Fitzpatrick.


From the Bennington Banner
The 26th annual Stockade-athon 15K road race was held on Sunday, starting and ending at Central Park in Schenectady. The overall winner was Kevin Collins with a time of 47:35. Emily Bryans was the women's winner in 56:51. Several local runners placed in the top three in their age groups. Bennington's Ed Doucette won the men's 70-74 division with a time of 1:15:45 while John Camelio of Sandgate took the men's 55-59 in 58:13. Winning the women's 40-44 group was Kathleen Newton of Bennington in 1:03:24. Rupert's Melissa Pline placed second in the women's 20-24 division after a 1:03:23 time.

Grand Tree Final results

The Grand Tree final results are posted at http://www.runwmac.com/snowshoes/grand.htm

Run for Education race results

From the Berkshire Eagle
The following is a list of results from the Race for Education held Nov. 3 in Stockbridge: 1-Mile Fun Run: Overall winner: Male - Ken Wright 6:25.09. Female: Fallon Preite 7:37. Male Results: Ages 0-6: 1. Eitan Kiin 8:24; 2. Juri Kiin 10:00; 3. Charles Capeless 10:15. Ages 7- 9: 1. Chase Preite 7:22; 2. Harry Wilken 7:53; 3. Malcolm Wilber 8:22, Ages 10-13: 1. Graham Bryce 7:13. Ages 14-18: 1. Chris Cardillo 7:52; Ages 19-49: 1. Ken Wright 6:25.09; 2. David Adler 10:09. Ages 50 and up: 1. Mati Kiin. Female Results: Ages 0-6: 1. Meghan Prince 12:06; 2. Emma Adler 12:08; 3. Jamie Martin 12:09. Ages 7-9: 1. Sarah Majdalany 9:53; 2. Alex Buffoni 10:12; 3. Lily Stewart 10:24. Ages 10-13: 1. Fallon Preite 7:37; 2. Elizabeth Skakel 7:56; 3. Hannah Wilkens 10:16. Ages 19-49: 1. Bonnie Weingold 10:32; 2. Sarah Home 11:02; 3. Lori Levinson 11:27. 4-Mile Race: Overall winner: Male - Scott Bradley 25:59. Female - Tammy Gibo Wilber 26:51. Male Results: Ages 15 and under: 1. Justin McCarthy 33:31. Ages 20 -29: 1. Gavin McKeonson 30:27. Ages 30-39: 1. Gary Simons 26:34; 2.. James McIntyre 26:46; 3. Matthew Thomson 27:06. Ages 40-49: 1. Scott Bradley 25:59; 2. Paul McKeever 26:35; 3. Tom Daly 28:20, Ages 50-59: 1. AUan Bates 26:48; 2. Mark Delgabbo 28:32; 3. Tim Monkler 30:09. Ages 60 and up: 1. Dick Marron 29:56; 2. Anthony Izzo 42:35. Female Results: Ages 15 and under: 1. Sandy Alles 35:55; Ages 20-29: 1. Kaitlin Face 37:01; 2. Jennifer Ryszkiewiecz 42:31. Ages 30-39: 1. Darlene McCarthy 30:30; 2. Claudine Preite 31:57; 3. Kimberly Blair 37:19. Ages 40-49: 1. Tammy Gibo Eilber 26:51; 2. Jean Whitehead 27:37; 3. Leslie Kulberg 32:21. Ages 50-59: 1. Peggy Taylor 37:43. Ages 60 and up: 1. Ginger Hunt 35:04.

WMAC Christmas Party

This year's festivities will take place at the Freight Yard Pub in North Adams. Social/cocktail hour will be at 6pm with a buffet dinner at 7pm. (a vegetarian dish has been included). As of this time we have not booked a band. Please let us know if you would like entertainment to follow a brief recognition ceremony. Or if you would prefer more time to just socialize after dinner. As in the past, the dinner will be free to club officers and to those members who have worked three club races. For all others, the cost is $18 per person. This will include the cost of the buffet, tax, tip, coffee and dessert. [xmasparty2001.html] Click here to download the Christmas Party form

Sam Gomez 10k/5k Road Race

Eagle Staff Reports
John Colucci and Wendy Cwalinski finished first in the men's and women's divisions respectively on Sunday in the 23rd annual Sam Gomez Classic 10-k Road Race at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Colucci finished in 36 minutes, 52 seconds, Dean Manuel was second in 37:05 and Kyle Lawson third in 38:54. Cwalinski finished in 41:13; Anne Gilley was second in 45:31 and Rachel Wells third in 48:05. Bob Archey was the men's winner in the 5-k race in 19:20; Ted Hutch was second in 19:53 and Ken McCardle third in 20:02. Annette Guerino won the women's 5k in 21:58; Nicole Plante was second in 22:49 and Carrie Dahlgren third in 23:17. Top finishers in each division are listed below.

5-k race Overall Men - 1. Bob Archey 19:20; 2. Ted Hutch 19:53; 3. Ken McCardle 20:02. Women: 1. Annette Guerino 21:58; 2. Nicole Plante 22:49; 3. Carrie Dahlgren 23:17. Age 19 & under: Men - 1. David Goodrich 21:51; 2. Cohn Tierney 23:35; 3. Pete Allard 24:42. Women - 1. Nicole Plante 22:49; 2. Katie Randall 25:56; 3. Bethany Lorge 26:54. Age 20-29: Men - 1. Chad Richard 22:55. Women - Carrie Dahlgren 23:17; 2. Cheryl Rego 24:27; 3. Kelly Wisniowski 24:49. Age 30-39: Men - 1. Ted Hutch 19:53; 2. Ken McCardle 20:02; 3. Bernie Brown 26:08. Women: Annette Guerino 21:58; 2. Mindy Dixon 25:33; 3. Bonnie Fachini 26:02. Age40-49: Men - 1. Bob Archey 19:20; 2. Dick Jolin 20:54; 3. Scott Bradley 21:01. Women - 1. Diane Pytko 23:30; 2. Sue Kacensky 28:02; 3. Laurie Rondeau 29:05. Age 50-59: Men - 1. Jeff Parkman 20:24; 2. Ken Swiatek 23:04; 3. Alan Taplin 23:41. Women - 1. Terri Armata 28:57; 2. Gretchen May 45:11. Age 60-69: Men - 1. Eric White 2:33; 2. Joseph Geiger 26:05; 3. Jim Dami 33:08. Women - none. Age 70 & Over: Men - 1. Leo Fiorini 36:42. Women - Marion Beverly 45:12.

10-k race Overall: Men - 1. John Colucci 36:52; 2. Dean Manuel 37:05; 3. Kyle Lawson 38:54. Women - 1. Wendy Cwalinski 41:13; 2. Anne Gilley 45:31; 3. Rachel Wells 48:05. Age 19 & under: Men - 1. Kyle Lawson 38:54; 2. Todd Robbins 41:55; 3. Trevor Anderson 44:12. Women - none. Age 20-29: Men - 1. Lucas Rosen 39:37; 2. Shawn Wright 50:58; 3. Brandon Navom 57:27. Women - 1. Rachel Wells 48:05; 2. Diane O'Neil 50:53; 3. Lael Willi 1:08.11. Age 30-39: Men - 1. Dean Manuel 37:05; 2. Jim Preite 39:14; 3. Tom Kaegi 42-10. Women - 1. Wendy Cwalinski 41:13; 2. Anne Gilley 45:31; 3. Karen Tendrup 57:34. Age 40-49: Men - 1. John Colucci 36:52; 2. Bob Dion 38:55; 3. Steve St. Clair 41:16. Age 50-59: Men - 1. Skip Greb 41:23; 2. Pete Lipka 45:19; 3. Spencer Chaffee 50:10. Age 60-69: Men - 1. Ed Alibozek 47:54; 2. Fred Thompson 49:59; 3. Richard Shook 50:19. Women - 1. Ginger Hunt 58:63. Age 70 & Over: 1. Bill Carey 1:01.38.

Mlynarczyk wins first Monster Dash 5-k race

Eagle Staff Reports
The first annual Monster Dash 5-k road race was held Sunday at Fairview Hospital in Great Barrington. All proceeds were donated to the Fairview Hospital Community Outreach Cancer Programs. A total of 33 participated in the 5-k race while 37 took part in the 1-mile Fun Walk. First place in the 5-k race was Nicholas Mlynarczyk at 18 minutes, 56 seconds while Paige Phillips was the top female finisher at 20:41. Top male and female finishers are as follows: Age 19 and under: Heidi Winquist. Age 20-29: Antoine Alston and Mary Dunham. Age 30-39: 1. Sean Sommers, 2. Jay Kosberg. 1. Josie Schimmel, 2. Allison Kinney. Age 40-49: 1. Joseph Williams, 2. Steve Parsons, 3. Bill lyre. 1. Claudia Gold, 2. Nancy Forget, 3. Brigid Steams. Age 50-59: 1. John Oates, 2. Peter Marks, 3. Pat Greco. 1. Kathleen Greco, 2. Helen Downey. Age 60 and over: 1. Sandy Kenny, 2. Tony Lucia, 3. John Meskill.

Klem top local finisher in Mohawk race

Bernie Klem of Dalton had the fastest time among Berkshire County runners who raced in the Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon, held on Oct. 14 in Albany and Schenectady. Klem covered the course in 3 hours, 12 minutes 8 seconds, with Ken Swiatek of Willamstown second among Berkshire finishers in 3:52:56. Other finishers were: Dick Marran, Hinsdale (4:21:07); Ruth Cohen, Pittsfield (4:24:57); Darlene Weeks, Pittsfield (4:30:02); Eric White, Williamstown (4:34:17); David Allard, Great Barrington (4:44:01).

WMAC Members Compete in Hi-Tec Adventure Racing Series

WMAC members, Scott Livingston and Deborah (Schieffer) Livingston competed in the Hi-Tec Adventure Racing Series finale at Orchard Beach in New York City on Sunday October 22nd. Team Horst Engineering teammate, Arlen Wenzel, rounded out their 3 person team. They finished 2nd in the amateur co-ed division and 7th overall. Only 5 of the Pro/Elite teams beat them to the finish. 330 teams competed in the event. This was a significant improvement over their 6th place division finish at the Hi-Tec series' Hartford leg in early September. Hartford was a night event, whereas New York was held during the day. The New York race had some unique challenges. The race consisted of: 6.75 mile MTB leg with only two bikes/1.2 mile kayak in Long Island Sound/6.75 mile MTB/3 mile orienteering with 3 controls/5 mile trail run and myriad of special challenges thrown in for good measure. Team Horst qualified to upgrade to the Pro/Elite division in 2002 and plans to compete in 4 of the 8 events. Television coverage of the NY event is tentatively scheduled for 11/28/01 at 8:30 P.M. on the Outdoor Life Network. NYC Race results are available [obsolete ref] here.

Niedeck wins Greylock Federal Fall Classic

From the North Adams Transcript
Over 60 runners took to the city streets yesterday to partake in the Greylock Federal 5-mile Fall Classic, brought back after nearly a 16-year absence. Jeff Niedeck was the overall winner of the event, completing the course in 27 minutes and 44 seconds. He cruised home to victory 39 seconds ahead of Kevin Parsons, the overall runner-up. Molly Vreeland and Wendy Cwalinski had a spirited race to be the top women's finishers. Staying with each other much of the race. Vreeland slipped in front of Cwalinski at the end for a 30:51.4 to 30:51.8 victory. The race was organized by the North Adams Transcript. Here are the Division winners: Male Overall: 1. Jeff Niedeck 27:44 2. Kevin Parsons 28:23 3. Kyle Lawson 30:00 Women Overall: 1. Molly Vreeland 30:51 2. Wendy Cwalinski 30:51 3. Jennifer Grimes 33:19 Male 14 & Under: 1. Ryan Moynihan 38:00 Male 15-19: 1. Richard Kowalczk 48:22 Male 30 to 39: 1. Jim Preite 30:09 Male 40-49: 1. Jan Rancatti 31:32 Male 50 to 59: 1. Peter Lipka 35:01 Male 60-69: 1. Eric White 35:53 Male 70-plus: 1. Leon Beverly 49:57 Female 14 & Under: 1. Fallon Preite 43:57 Female 20-29: 1. April Marko 37:03 Female 30 to 39: 1. Annette Guerino 36:22 Female 40 to 49: 1. Diane Pytko 37:38 Female 50 to 59: 1. Peggy Taylor 51:21 Click here for the full results.

Members in the News

Bob Dion age 46 of Readsboro, VT and member of the Western Mass Athletic Club was first overall in the Maine Track Club 50-miler & 50k run in Brunswick Maine held on Saturday, October 20th. He finished the grueling 50k course in an amazing time of 3 hours and 37 minutes, which was 23 minutes ahead of his closest competitor. Click here [obsolete ref] for full results. Other Western Mass Athletic Club member achievements include Darlene McCarthy of North Adams who competed in the Hartford Marathon on October 13th, finishing in 4 hours and 13 minutes, while her husband Brian competed in the Hartford Half Marathon held the same day. Click here [obsolete ref] for the full results of that event.

Archey and Bergfeld win Fireman's Cross 10-k race

From the Berkshire Eagle-- Bob Archey of this city and Julie Bergfeld of Belmont were the respective men's and women's winners Sunday at the Fireman's Cross 10-kilometer race held at Burbank Park. Archey, who won a 10-k race on Saturday in Manchester, Vt., turned in a winning time of 36 minutes, 30 seconds. Kyle Lawson of Adams was second at 37:11 while Steve Roberts of Dalton placed third at 37:46. Bergfeld's time was 42:59. She was followed by Nancy Ogle of Pittsfield (43:42) and Anne Gilley of Williamstown (43:50). The race raised some $1,100 for the Berkshire County Red Cross Fire Victims Fund. Divisional results are as follows:
Male 18 and under: 1. Shawn Robbins, Pittsfield, 40:08; 2. Daniel Deluca, Pittsfield, 40:36; 3. Jake Tobin, Pittsfield, 41:22. Male 19-29: 1. Dale Armstrong, Lenox, 40:54; 2. Matt Noyes, Lenox, 43:59. Male 30-39: 1. Jim Preite, North Adams, 38:29; 2. Ken McCardle, Williamstown, 39:34; 3. Sean Sommers, Washington, 40:54. Male 40-49: 1. Joseph Williams, Pittsfield, 40:11; 2. Orlando Souza, Danbury, Conn., 40:33; 3. Scott Bradley, Pittsfield, 41:11. Male 50-59: 1. Skip Greb, Dalton, 39:37; 2. Pete Spencer, Williamstown, 45:54; 3. Bill Glendon, Dalton, 53:29. Male 60 and over: Tony Lucia, Agawam, 57:05. Female 19-29: 1. Amy Foulta, Pittsfield, 48:46; 2. Merledes Pour, Pittsfield, 49:14; 3. Kerry Ryan, Pittsfield, 49:55. Female 30-39: 1. Colette Simonetti, Pittsfield, 44:33; 2. Ann Marie Miller, Pittsfield, 50:03; 3. Victoria Spence, Pittsfield, 52:09. Female 40-49: 1. Theresa Apple, Pittsfield, 44:40; 2. Barbara Markessinis, Becket, 51:35; 3. Bernie Kennedy, Pittsfield, 53:01. Female 50-59: 1. Cynthia Gardner, Pittsfield, 57:31. Female 60 and over: 1. Ginger Hunt, Pittsfield, 54:56; 2. Ann Vella, Pittsfield, 55:46. Fireman's Category: 1. Matt Noyes, Lenox, 43:59; 2. Bruce Kilmer, Pittsfield, 49:43; 3. Daniel Aitken, Pittsfield, 52:53. For complete results click here.

Monroe 10.5 & 2 Mile Trail Run 2001

Ben Nephew and Nicky Kimball were the top male and female finishers in the Monroe 10.5-mile trail race held on sunday october 7 at the Dunbar Brook picnic area. Peter Keeney and Dave Hannon were second and third overall for the men while Deborah Schieffer and Laurie Harris took second and third overall for the women. Bob Dion and Sarah Gottschalk were first in the 2 mile run, which Bob Dion narrowly missed the course record. Dion was followed by Scott Bradley and Doug Cummings in second and third place overall. Claudine Preite and Fallon Preite were second and third overall for the women. Close to 130 runners participated in the 2 races sponsored by the Western Mass Athletic Club. The 10.5 miler consisted of a rolling one mile along the brook, followed by a steep climb for approx. 1/2 mile. The course then climbs gradually to the summit of Spruce Peak then gradually down. At 9.5-miles runners crossed the brook, finishing on a single track along the brook all within the Monroe State Forest. The 2 miler consisted of a rolling one mile along the brook and back. Foliage and conditions were spectacular. Click here for division winners and full results.
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Monroe Lookout (Repost)
Submitted by Jim Preite

With the Monroe Trail Races on the horizon, I thought this article might be appealing to those running or considering running the race. It is an excerpt from the August 23, 2000 Advocate insert called "SunSpots". The article explains how a spectacular lookout over the Deerfield Valley was rebuilt by Americorps this summer. This lookout is known as the Monroe Lookout to some, and the Raycroft Lookout to others. Either way, it is worth a trip to appreciate it's spectacular view. The lookout is within a short walking distance from the races path. Be sure to check it out before or after the event. Click here [obsolete ref] for the full article.

Bayliss Cruises to Fall Foliage Victory

By Scott Barrett of the North Adams Transcript
Those who were preparing for the parade to sweep through the streets of North Adams yesterday witnessed Williamstown native Trevor Bayliss win the Fall foliage 5k Race. Bayliss, who finished the 3.1-mile course that covered Main Street, American Legion Drive and parts of Route 8 in 16 minutes 41 seconds, said that running through the people-lined course was just his style. "The course is pretty flat and it was great, people were lining the course the whole way." Although, with no competition urging him onto the finish line, Bayliss debates the way he ran the race. "I went out too hard, I took the first mile a little too fast" said the Williamstown native. "I am happy with my time, but by the end of the race, I was hoping that there was someone pushing me." Bayliss is an assistant track coach for Williams College. He is a graduate of Williams as well. The second finisher overall was John Colucci of Pittsfield who crossed the tape with a time of 17:11, 30 seconds later than Bayliss. 1999 champion Dean Manuel of Williamstown took third in 17:18. For the second straight year, North Adams resident Wendy Cwalinski finished first overall in the womens' division. Her time of 18:41 was 15 seconds faster than her time from a year ago. Cwalinski was followed by Diane Tedford (20:13) and Robin Hathaway (20:17) in the women's division. Hoosac Valley track standout Kyle Lawson, who is currently WMass champ in both the 400 and the long jump, finished fourth overall with a time of 17:27.
Webmaster's comments:How truly sad it must be to compete in a race with NO competition. Perhaps Trevor has some training tips for the rest of us struggling runners? Trevor has also won a free entry to the Monroe Trail Race on WMAC, I'm sure he'll find more competition there. ;) Click here for the Fall Foliage results.

Archey wins Bissell race

From the Berkshire Eagle
HINSDALE - Bob Archey won the second annual Israel Bissell 5-kilometer road race held Saturday. Archey completed the race, which was held as part of Hinsdale's Community Day, in a time of 17 minutes, 53 seconds. Some 50 runners took part in the event. The top Hinsdale runners were Steve Barlow and Deb Wetherell. Age 18-under: Female-1. Fallon Preite 25:59; Male-1. Brett Chandler 19:40, 2. Tom Koperniak 19:52, 3. Adam Schwartz 19:54. 30-39: Female-1. Robin Hathaway 20:59, 2. Claudine Preite 24:57; Male-1. Jim Preite 18:42, 2. Tim Conner 21:31, 3. Rich Bissell 21:59. 40-49: Female-1. Deb Wetherell 22:14, 2. Barbara Markessinis 25:11, 3. Jennie Clark 32:02; Male-1. Bob Archey 17:53, 2. Bernie Klem 18:14; 3. Scott Bradley 20:06. 50-59: Female-1. Peggy Taylor. 31:36; Male-1. Tony Boyer 23:23, 2. Bill Glendon 27:44. 60-older: Male-1. George O'Neill 26:28, 2. George Bushika 27:00, 3. Ted Barlow 29:51. Lenox Apple Squeeze titles go to Niedeck and Vreeland

From the Berkshire Eagle
LENOX - Jeff Niedeck of Canaan, Conn., and Molly Vreeland of Otis claimed the top prizes at the Apple Squeeze Cider Run 5 kilometer road race on Sunday. Niedeck ran the 5 kilometers in 17 minutes, 23.8 seconds, more than 20 seconds ahead of Kevin Parsons (17:56.3) of Richmond. Niedeck also won the age 36-45 division while Parsons won the under-19 division. Vreeland's time of 19:07.8 was more than two minutes faster than Paige Phillips (21:28.6) of Lanesboro. Under age 19: Male-1. Kevin Parsons, Richmond (17:56.3); 2. Justin McCarthy, North Adams (26:19.2); 3. Jake Frank, Lee (26:30.7). Female-1. Heidi Winquist, Dalton (24:36.6); 2. Hallie Frank, Lee (35:23.3). 19-25: Male-1. Kyle Lawson, Adams (18:17); 2. Kicholas Mynarezyk, Pittsfield (20:09.7); 3. Phillip Bailey, Stockbridge (32:36.4). Female-1. Paige Phillips, Lanesboro (21:28.6); 2. Anna Lotto, Pittsfield (24:40.6); 3. Mary Dunham, Stockbridge (25:18. 1). 26-35: Male-1. Dean Manuel, Williamstown (17:59); 2. Mike Innes, Dalton (19:03.9); 3. Sean Jennings, Stockbridge (19:29.5). Female-1. Molly Vreeland, Otis (19:07.8); 2. Michelle Dupont, Lenox (21:17.1); 3. Michele Wojtkowski, New Lebanon, N.Y (21:57.3). 36-45: Male-1. Jeff Niedeck, Canaan, Conn. (17:23.8); 2. John Colucci, Pittsfield (17:42.3); 3. Bob Archey, Pittsfield (18:13.4). Female-1. Nancy Hudlin, Pittsfield (23:05.4); 2. Vicki Coons, Great Barrington (24:10.8); 3. Sheri Baruch, Lenox (24:26.3). 46-55: Male-1. Bob Dion, Readsboro, Vt. (18:35); 2. Scott Bradley, Pittsfield (20:01.8); 3. Dick Jolin, North Adams (20:10.5). Female-1. Jean Whitehead, Great Barrington (22:14.9); 2. Cecily Dexter, New York City (23:33.5); 3. Janet Bradley, Windsor (24:18.4). 56-65: Male-1. Bob Sieller, Canaan, Conn. (21:47.3); 2. Larry Jowett (22:06.2); 3. Eric White (22:50.7). Female-1. Catherine Roberts, Pittsfield (27:36.6). 66-over: Male-1. Bud Arnonson, Wales, Mass. (27:10.4); 2. Stephen Fitzgerald, Delray Beach, Fla. (29:32.8); 3. Bill Carey, Dalton (30:17.9). Female-Doris Aronson, Wales, Mass. (28:59.3).

The Great Josh Billings Run Aground 2001
Nice work to all who accomplished the Josh Billings. You can view the results by clicking here [obsolete ref]. Click for photo of Scott Bradley and team displaying award. Photo by Karen Bradley.
Old Chatham 5k Champs

WMAC returns triumphantly from the Old Chatham 5k! The Old Chatham 5k was run in Old Chatham, New York on September 8th. Two years ago WMAC won the Men's Team championship. Last year, WMAC was dethroned by the "city boys" placing second. This year WMAC returned with a vengeance and stole the Men's Team title back, proving the "country boys" have what it takes to triumph over the New Yorkers once again. 1397 completed the events at Old Chatham, which included a one-mile event, with numerous local winners. Click here [obsolete ref] to view the results on the Old Chatham web site. One common mistake you might notice is that some of the North Adams runners are incorrectly listed as being from NY. This might have been a typo, or were they only hoping? Although we did not obtain photographs of all the local runners, here are a few photographs to enjoy...
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Grand Tree Standings

Emailed to us from Ed Alibozek, here are the present [ website no longer exists: www.newenglandtrailrunner .com/farmered/grand_tree_standings_2001.htm ] Grand Tree standings.

Greylock Road Race 2001

WMAC extends their thanks to Bob Dion and his helpers for organizing a great race. For those of you who attended the race to the highest peak in Massachusetts, reminisce by clicking on the photo links below. For those of you who couldn't make it, click on the links and wish you could have attended. Congratulations to all those who conquered Greylock, it was one "Hill" of a race. Click here for the full results.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

15th Annual Run for the Roses 5K

A handful of local runners competed in the 15th Annual Run for the Roses 5K. The race was conducted at the Grafton Lakes State Park in New York on August 26, 2001. To see the results, click here [obsolete ref].

Nephew wins Savoy Mountain Trail Race

From the Berkshire Eagle Ben Nephew set a new course record at the Savoy Mountain Trail Race, which was run on Aug. 19. Nephew finished the off-road trek in 2 hours, 25 minutes and 35 seconds to finish first overall. Bob Dion, first in the age 40-49 division, came in second with 2:44.14, edging out Ed Kostak by 11 seconds. In the women's race, Amy Chekos (3:12:19) beat Sheryl Wheeler by seven minutes to place first overall. In the 4.5-mile race, Bryan Dragon successfully defended his title, coming in first with a time of 25 minutes, 24 seconds. In second was Brian Carlson with 26:13. First place for the female portion of the event went to Sara Coons. Sara placed ahead of Michelle Lang by just over a minute. Coons finished at 33:23, while Lang came in at 34:34. Click for complete results.

Thank You From Peter Keeney

Peter John Keeney
Race Director
Beech Mountain Trail Runs
Sponsors / Supporters/ and Friends:

I am writing to thank you for your donations and support of the Beech Mountain Trail Runs and for helping Camp Beech Cliff. We had a great day for the trail run with sunny skies and temperatures in the low eighties. Perfect for trail running and great for the post run barbecue. Altogether we raised $660.00 dollars for the Camp Beech Cliff Scholarship Fund which will be used this year for kids to attend the camp programming. Next year I would Like to split the total proceeds 50% between the Scholarship Fund and 50% to the Camp Beech Cliff Endowment Fund who will insure the Camp Beech Cliff to remain at it's location forever. With 49 participants this year's runs were a success. Again, thank you for being a friend and supporter of this great cause. Enjoy your summer and look forward to seeing you soon.

Sincerely Yours,

Peter John Keeney

Matty's Run

Wiechnicki came in first place in Matty's Run. Derek Hackman led the field in the 5k race he eventually finished 2nd overall to Drew Wiechnicki. Hackman was followed by Justin Sukiennik. Over 325 finished the 1-mile and 5k races.

10k Legendary Lake Run

From the Berkshire Eagle
LANESBORO - Dusty Lopez, a Williams College student and a resident of Trout Lake, Wash., bested the field yesterday at the second annual 10-k Legendary Lake Run, placing first overall with a time of 34 minutes, 8 seconds. The time was 1 minute, 13 seconds better than last year's winning time and was 3 minutes faster than this year's second-place finisher John Colucci of Pittsfield (37:04). Jeff Niedeck of Cannan, Conn., was third at 38:32. Molly Vreeland of Otis was the top female finisher with a time of 41:07 over the hilly course. Vreeland is the sister of Becky Fuore, who was last year's top female finisher. Katie Sharff of Williamstown was second (42:47) while Kathleen Newton of Bennington, Vt., was third overall at 44:48. Lopez went out with Niedeck and Colucci but began to separate from the competition at the two-mile mark when the race entered the hills of Hancock Road. Lopez pressed forward and did not look back until the four-mile marker. No one was in sight. And the winner finished the race looking strong. Divisional results follow: Female age 15-19: 1. Sierra Newton 50:41; 2. Mary Vaughan 52:26; 3. Mackenzie Brigham 64:37. Female age 20-29: 1. Jessica Van Alstyne 46:57; 2. Jess Short 47:04; 3. Kate Calhoun 50:49. Female age 30-39: 1. Robin Hathaway 45:30; 2. Anne Gilley 45:50; 3. Shiobbean Brophy 47:09. Female age 4049: 1. Lisa Mattila 46:33; 2. Donna Delphia 52:49; 3. Colleen Quinn 53:59. Female age 50-59: 1. Ginger Hunt. Female age 60-69: 1. Ann Vella 61:18. Male age 15-19: 1. Ben Erickson 38:36; 2. Aidan Finley 43:30; 3. Dirk Langeveld 43:39. Male age 20-29: 1. Dusty Lopez 34:08; 2. John Colucci 37:04; 3. Jeff Niedeck 38:32. Male age 30-39: 1. Jim Preite 39:39; 2. Ken McCardle 43:02; 3. Jeff Guyer 53:15. Male age 40-49: 1. Bob Dion 38:50; 2. Kurt Kuehnel 39:10; 3. Paul Shepardson 39:35. Male age 50-59: 1. Jeff Parkman 43:34; 2. Skip Greb 44:55; 3. Dan Sullivan 50:25. Male age 60-69: 1. Win Taylor 49:33; 2. Larry Jowett 51:16; 3. Bill Carey 61:00.

Connecticut Runner Prevails at Monterey Knox Trail Run

From the Berkshire Eagle
Jeff Nider of Cannan, Conn., placed first in the recent Monterey Knox Trail Run held on July 14. Rider's time in the race was 25 minutes, 29 seconds. Art Reilly of Lenox was second at 27:25 while Molly Vreeland of Otis was third overall with a time of 28.52. Divisional results follow: Male under 20 1. Carl Motes, Monterey, 31:38; 2. Adam Pely, Monterey, 40:42. Male 30-39 1. James McIntyre, Pittsfield, 31:36; 2. Jason Vianese, Cheshire, 32:11; 3. Mike Aronow, Monterey, 36:20. Male 40-44 1. Bill Tyer, Lee, 30:58; 2. Mike Lelding, Monterey, 37:57; 3. Mike Rood, Sheffield, 40:43. Male 50-59 1. Frank Felix, Tyringham, 34:42; 2. David Magerity, Great Barrington, 35:41; 3. Dick Maren, Hinsdale, 36:32. Male 60 and over 1. Bob Sieller, Canaan, Conn., 30:21; 2. George O'Neill, Otis, 41:29; 3. Gorg Winterer, Knoxville, Tenn., 42:55. Female under 20 1. Cara Reilly, Lenox, 35:43; 2. Sara Maran, Bradenton, Fla., 37:25. Female age 20-29 1. Kristen Shepardson, Lee, 38:24; 2. Gaby Sherb, Monterey, 41:20. Female age 30-39 1. Robin Hathaway, Dalton, 3 1: 10; 2. Stacy Weber, Sheffield, 41:47; 3. Jean Maziare, Longmeadow, 36:16. Female age 50-59 1. Carrin Simmons, Sandisfield, 41:23; 2. Barbara Miner, Great, Barrington, 42:20; Karen Miller, Housatonic, 48:32. Female age 60 and over 1. Susajn Gerdino-Haupt, Asheville, N.C., 55:12.

Kenyans Kick Butt at Bridge of Flowers

Click this link to read the article from the West County News. The results have been posted at coolrunning.com, click here [obsolete ref]. Congrats to WMAC Masters team taking 2nd place in the men's club Masters division.

Reilly-Caligari team up to win Pedal & Plod

From the North Adams Transcript
ADAMS - A four-mile run followed by a 20-mile bike ride isn't easy for anyone. But Art Reilly and Bill Caligaii made it look easy yesterday, win- the annual Pedal and Plod race in one hour, 13 minutes and 16 seconds. Just over one minute behind that pair was the duo of Paul Shepardson and Kurt Kuehnel. Justin May and Alvin Norchill were a close third in the event. Over 140 people participated in the event. Reilly and Caligari didn't have the fastest run time, Reilly finished the four miles in 24:05, trailing Matt Robertson's top time of 23:33, but Caligari more than made up for that over the 20-mile bike ride, finishing in 49:11, 22 seconds ahead of the nearest competitor. The following are the top 25 team and iron person finishers in yesterday's annual Pedal and Plod Biathlon held in Adams. Some 140 teams and iron athletes competed in the race. Runners are listed first, then cyclists. 1. Art Reilly/Bill Caligari I hour, 13 minutes, 16 seconds. 2. Paul Shepardson/Kurt Kuehnel 1:14:36. 3. Justin Mary/Alvin Norchill 1:18:05. 4. Jennifer Ward/Mike Ward 1:20:10. 5. Matt Robertson/Daniel Scott 1:21:38. 6. Bob Lee/Ed O'Hearn 1:22:13. 7. Wendy Cwalinski/Fred Thompson 1:22:13. 8. Leigh Curtiss/Robert Buffis 1:22:27. 9. Joseph Williams/Jim Virgilio 1:22:27. 10. John Colucci/Tim Kneer 1:22:43. 11. Jedd Niedeck 1:22:44. 12. Jim Preite/Mark Fredericks 1:23:36. 13. Skip Greb/Geoff House 1:23:55. 14. Tom Lewis 1:24:12. 15. Andrew Garcia/Brian Rabuse 1:24:44. 16. Brad Bedard 1:24:50. 17. Chuck Leach 1:24:54. 18. Ryan Flynn/Seab Cendron 1:24:57. 19. David Birrell 1:26:45. 20. Michael Tucker 1:26:57. 21. Dick Jolin/Gary Jolin 1:26:57. 22. Tracy Burno 1:27:05. 23. Bruce Broth/Stu Schwartz 1:27:09. 24. Ben Erickson 1:27:16. 25. Stefanie Wondriska/Don Poirot. Division winners include the following: Female, age 19-35 Kim Morris/Shiobbean Brophy 1:35:14. Female age 36-50 Susan Yates/Laura Grota 1:49:52. Female age 51 and over Mary Lou Dinicola and Vella 1:45:37. Iron man age 39 and under' Jedd Niedeck 1:22:44. Male age 19-35 Brian Rabuse/Andrew Garcia 1:24:44. Male age 19-35 Joe Schneider 1:27:45 Men age 36-50 Art Reilly/ Bill Caligari 1: 13:16 Iron woman age 39 and under Leigh Minor 1:35:14 Iron woman age 40 and over Beth Herder 1:33:37. Male age 18 and under Alvin Norville/Justin May 1:18:05. Mixed age 19-39 Tracy Burno 1:27:05. Iron man age 40 and over Dave Birrell 1:26:45 Mixed age 40 and over Fred Thompson/Wendy Cwalinski 1:22:13.

RunWMAC goes down for firewall installation.

No, we did not get hacked by the Code Red Worm, but I was getting concerned about all the attacks. RunWMAC is now behind the iron curtain. I installed a firewall box to protect the web site, but the setup and configuration was less than easy, hence the 24-hour outage. For those of you who say, "Yeah, yeah, all geek speak.", the web site is back up. Sorry for the interruption.

Connecticut Runner Prevails at Monterey Knox Trail Run

From the Berkshire Eagle:
Jeff Nider of Cannan, Conn., placed first in the recent Monterey Knox Trail Run held on July 14. Rider's time in the race was 25 minutes, 29 seconds. Art Reilly of Lenox was second at 27:25 while Molly Vreeland of Otis was third overall with a time of 28.52.
Divisional results follow:
Male under 20 1. Carl Motes, Monterey, 31:38; 2. Adam Pely, Monterey, 40:42. Male 30-39 1. James McIntyre, Pittsfield, 31:36; 2. Jason Vianese, Cheshire, 32:11; 3. Mike Aronow, Monterey, 36:20. Male 40-44 1. Bill Tyer, Lee, 30:58; 2. Mike Lelding, Monterey, 37:57; 3. Mike Rood, Sheffield, 40:43. Male 50-59 1. Frank Felix, Tyringham, 34:42; 2. David Magerity, Great Barrington, 35:41; 3. Dick Maren, Hinsdale, 36:32. Male 60 and over 1. Bob Sieller, Canaan, Conn., 30:21; 2. George O'Neill, Otis, 41:29; 3: Gorg Winterer, Knoxville, Tenn., 42:55. Female under 20 1. Cara Reilly, Lenox, 35:43; 2. Sara Maran, Bradenton, Fla., 37:25. Female age 20-29 1. Kristen Shepardson, Lee, 38:24; 2. Gaby Sherb, Monterey, 41:20. Female age 30-39 1. Robin Hathaway, Dalton, 3 1: 10; 2. Stacy Weber, Sheffield, 41:47; 3. Jean Maziare, Longmeadow, 36:16. Female age 50-59 1. Carrin Simmons, Sandisfield, 41:23; 2. Barbara Miner, Great Barrington, 42:20; Karen Miller, Housatonic, 48:32. Female age 60 and over 1. Susajn Gerdino-Haupt Asheville, N.C. 55:12

Bar Harbor Articles on Beech Mountain

As promised, here are a couple of nice articles on the Beech Mountain Trail Run. [obsolete ref] This article came out just prior to the race, but is an excellent article after-the-fact just the same. The second article [obsolete ref], reporting the race results, was certainly bubbling over with runner enthusiasm.

Beech Mountain Results

With a lot of hard work and hard workers Peter Keeney put together his second outstanding trail race. This year the trail race included a 15k which was a very enjoyable course. The race had two important elements, great food and a good turn out. This all added up to a lot of fun! There will be an article posted soon from the Bar Harbor Times. Click here to view the results.

Pittsfield Independence 5K Road Race

The results for the Independence 5K Road Race can be found here.

Greylock Gallop

A warm thanks is extended to Gotha Swann for directing another successful fun mountain run. The rain didn't wash away the runners, almost the results! Runners came from far and wide to conquer the mountain. All in all, everybody had a wonderful time. Check out the race results and see which runner ran both races and did well in each! All who conquered this event deserves praise. Thanks to all volunteers and helpers who gave up some time on Fathers Day to help out. Race results are posted here.

Thanks to Karl Molitoris

Bob Dion and WMAC members extend their thanks to Karl Molitoris for changing the date of the Breakneck Trail Race. This was necessary to resolve a scheduling conflict with the Monroe Trail Race. The application for the Breakneck Trail is available here [obsolete ref].

Local Weekend Races

The Run for Education Race scheduled for 6/2 was postponed due to weather conditions. Deacon's Den results and Habitat Run are pending. If you have results or info, please email to us.

Williamstown Rotary Charity Road Race

Winning results from the Williamstown Rotary Charity Road Race have been received with photos as well. This was taken from the Newsletter of the Williamstown Rotary Club:
The rain held off for the club's First Annual Charity Foot Race. 40 enthusiastic runners started and finished at the rear parking lot of The Williams Inn. One participant pushed a baby in a stroller over the hilly, 2.9 mile course. The first three men and women runners to finish were awarded cash prizes. Winners were: Men's First Place, John Colucci (17:19); Second, Robert Archey (17:35); Third, Jim Preite (17:49). Women's First Place, Denise Mattimore (22:39); Second, Jenna Cece (22:59); Third, Claudine Preite (24:01). Any funds remaining after expenses will be divided between the Williamstown Community Chest and the Rotary Club Scholarship Fund. Chair Dean Manuel and his band of helpers did a fine job. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and expressed interest in next year's race. Thanks to all who helped! Photo1 | Photo2

WMAC Compete in Memorial Weekend Races

Local runners compete in James Raymond Earley Memorial Road Race and also the Williamstown Rotary Charity Road Race. Results for the James Earley Memorial Race are posted here.

New Trail Race ~ Habitat Run 2001

Emailed to us by Marjo Catalano
My Name is Marjo Catalano and I and about 10 other local youth are going to Santa Fe, New Mexico this summer to build a house for Habitat For Humanity. One of our many Fundraisers this year is going to be a 5K trail race on the Mt.Greylock Regional High School Cross Country Trail [Williamstown, MA]. The race is being held Sunday June 3rd, reg. at 9, Race Start at 10. The entry fee is $5 pre-reg (by may 25th) or $7 day of. We will have top prizes for the winners in each age dision, and there is a one mile free run race for children under 11 & Under. We would greatly appreciate any help you could give us in advertising or spreading the word about our race. For information or registraion people can email or call myself (marjo14@hotmail.com, 458-5349) or Shannon Murtagh (shannon@cs.williams.edu, 458-9354). Thanks Again.
Marjo Catalano

On and Off Road Race Results

from the Berkshire Eagle
John Colucci, with a time of 17:28 and Lea Fowler in 20:19 were the overall male and female finishers in the On and Off 5K Road Race held Sunday at Windsor Lake in North Adams. Approximately 50 runners participated in the race directed by the North Adams Commission on Disabilities and cosponsored by the North Adams Tobacco Awareness Program. Conditions were perfect for the event which was topped off with refreshments and a barbecue. Chase Preite (24:50) won the boys 12 and under, while Fallon Preite (25:33) took the top spot for the girls. Colin Boucher (22:24) took the male 13-18, and Sara Spooner (23:17) of Drury won for the girls. Dan LaValley (27:21) won the 19-29 race for the men, and Jennifer Johnson took the race for the females. In the 30-39 division, Dean Manuel (17:55) with a speedy time won for the men, and was followed up by Robin Hathaway (20:50) for the women. Bob Archey (18:22) was the top spot at the 40-49 division and Theresa Apple (22:45) was there for the women. Dick Marran (24:24) won for men 50-59 and Larry Jowett (22:14) got top billing for the men 60-plus.

17th Annual Wood Memorial Road Race

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. George Van Hook of Cambridge, N.Y and Sarah Thomas of Green wich, N.Y claimed victories in the men's and women's divisions of the 17th annual Wood Memorial Road Race in Hoosick Falls on Saturday. Van Hook won the men's race with a time of 17:04.96, while Thomas posted a time of 22:41.09 to win the women's race. Bill Peters (20:05.56) was the top male finisher from Hoosick Falls, while Karen O'Malley (24:08.77) was the town's top women's finisher. In the 14 and under boys division, Jake Dacchille of Valley Falls, N.Y. took first win a time of 20:50.90, while Hoosick Falls' Adam Guillame was second with a time of 21:53.06. In the 14 and under girls division, Hoosick Falls' Megan Burgess was first with a time of 25:47. The boys 15-19 division saw Lucas Wyman of Hoosick Falls take first with a time of 21:48.17, while Hoosick Falls' Ethan Danforth was second. In the girls 15-19 division, Michaela Dwyer of Hoosick Falls was first with a time of 25:33.07 was first, while Katie Driscoll was second. Thomas was also the top finisher in the women's 20-29 category, while Bennington's Denise Taber was second with a time of 23:58.41. The men's 30-39 division saw Bennington's Tim Smith take first with a time of 17:40.16, while Jim Preite of North Adams, Mass. was second. In the women's 30-39 division, Penelope Owen was first with a time of 22:54.87, while O'Malley was second. Van Hook was first in the men's 40-49 division, while Bob Archey of Pittsfield, Mass. was second.In the women's 40-49 division, Beth Goodman of Williamstown, Mass. was first with a time of 24:26.98, while Arlington's Lynn Grieger was second with a time of 24:50.34. The men's 50-59 division saw Cambridge's Jonathan Barber take first with a time of 20:19.72, while Bennington's Ed Lyons was second. Shaftsbury's Catherine Hickey was first in the women's 50-59 division with a time of 31:36.12. The men's 60 and over division saw Bennington's Ed Doucette finish first with a time of 21:53.53, while Sandgate's Jack Quinn was second with a time of 22:07.81. In the 10 and under one-mile fun run, Hoosick Falls' Anthony Goldstein was first with a time of 7:03.43, while Chase Preite of North Adams was second. Michaela Dacchille of Valley Falls was first in the girls 11-13 division of the fun run with a time of 7:34.97, while Shushan's Neil Josh won the boys 14-16 division with a time of 6:34.04.

Goodman Wins Division in Wood Memorial Race

from the Berkshire Eagle
Beth Goodman of Williamstown led a group of Berkshire County runners to top finishes in the 17th annual Wood Memorial five-kilometer road race, held on Saturday in Hoosick Falls, NY Goodman won the women's age 40-49 division in 24 minutes 26.98 seconds. She beat Lynn Grieger of Arlington, Vt., who ran in 24:50.34. Other top finishers from Berkshire County include: Bob Archey of Pittsfield, second in the male 40-49 division (17:35.80); Jim Preite of North Adams was second in the male 30-39 division (17:51:00) while Chase Preite of North Adams was second in the male 10-under division of the one-mile fun run (7:04:17).

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