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Submissions welcome! Please e-mail any news concerning WMAC members, running events, wildlife sightings, adventures on the trails, rules of thumb (toe?), etc. that you wish to offer. Email to: Web Editor.

USATF 2005 Mountain Series
(posted May 18, 2005)
WMAC eligible for team competition

USATF New England hosts a series of six mountain races from May 22nd through August 7th. Four are uphill road races, and two are trail-like loop courses that are in this year's Grand Tree series. For details: a description of each race , and series information. Anyone can enter, but membership is needed to score and to compete in the team competition (top three runners score, in men's, women's, and mixed teams). Come run, and let the USATFNE folk know that their series makes a nice tuneup for the Greylock Road Race!

USATF New England XC Championship (November 6, 2005)
This Franklin Park, Boston, race is another reason to consider getting yourself a USATF membership. We could field a presentably strong master's team. Last year Laura Clark and I (Rob Higley) ran. Contact Rob for info or carpooling.

Beech Mt Bandit 15K Trail Run, June 26, 2005
Peter Keeney writes (March 6, 2005)
This years' Beech Mountain Bandit Trail Run is set for Sunday June 26th, 2005. Event will begin in Seal Cove Rd. in Southwest Harbor (last house on left before campground just before entering ANP). The finish will be at the Beech Hill Farm, Beech Hill Rd in Mount Desert. This is is a point to point route, so anyone wanting transportation will need to contact me. The entry fee is 5$ for the bus and 5$ for post race food. I have t-shirts available at cost 5$ a shirt. No awards or prizes (everyone will be treated the same). Timing and results will be posted. Each entrant will recieve a waterproof map of the route. There will be two self aid water stops along route and possibly one restroom. For an entry contact Peter Keeney at 207-288-9498 or pktrldrt@midmaine.com and I will be glad to mail you an entry and directions here.
Happy Trails.
Peter K.

Weir Hill Snowshoe - 5K North Andover, MA, Feb. 27, 2005 8:30am
Dave Dunham writes (26 February 2005)
Hi All:
Looks like I'm ON for a no,no,no race at Weir Hill in North Andover on Sunday. Would you spread the word?

Sunday 02-27-05 8:30 AM.
No entry fee.
No wimps.
No Whining.

I will set a 5k course and times will be recorded. Anything else, you are on your own.
Info about Weir hill below.
I can be contacted at: Dave Dunham

Schoodic Mountain Snowshoe - 4.5mi in Schoodic Maine, Jan 30th 12 noon
update Fri (28 January 2005)
(Race Info)
Update from Peter Keeney -
We also have experienced the great conditions throughout New England having received 8 to 12 inches last weekend, and with colder than normal arctic conditions the course is shaping up to be prime and perhaps the best in three years here in downeast Maine. Entry fee is a can of food for the local food pantry and each finisher gets a donut or a slice of my homemade meat loaf. Directions to Schoodic from Ellsworth, Maine are: take coastal Route 1 to Sullivan. Pass the Sumner High on the left and look for Rt. 183 about a quarter of mile ahead on your left. Turn left onto Rt. 183 follow all the way to Tunk Lake/ Donnell Pond State Reservation about four miles. Cross the train tracks and about a quarter of an mile ahead on left look for the brown Donnell Pond Reservation entrance sign. Follow the dirt road all the way in to the end or just past the Flanders Pond Rd. Start is at 12:00 Noon.
Happy Trails.
Peter Keeney
Bar Harbor, Maine.

New Hampshire "Superbowl" Snowshoe Races -
update Mon pm (24 January 2005)
(Jan 29, 30th Races Info)
Update from Paul Kirsch via Ed --

Just wanted to let you know that both races got more than enough snow that we should now have some great conditions this weekend.

They got over a foot in Manchester and we got about 8-10 inches in Center Sandwich.

I also wanted to let you know that Rich and I are both extending the pre-registration race price to race-day registration. So that means it's $18 for both races or $11 for a single race for WMAC members, $12 for non-members.

If anyone hasn't registered yet and is going to be coming, it would be great to have them drop me a line at pkirsch@echoman.com so I can know for food count.

If anyone needs directions for the Sandwich race, they can go to here.

We hope to see a bunch of you at this first ever NH Snowshoe Weekend.

Paul kirsch

Paul Kirsch, Richard Bolt.

Curly's Record Run Snowshoe Race - New Update from Beth Herder (Friday pm)
(21 January 2005)
(Curly's Race Info)
from beth and brad --

Brad and I would like to extend an offer to anyone that is coming from out-of-town for the race to stay at our house Saturday night. We have plenty of floor space, some couches, and one bedroom with 2 twin beds if anyone wants to come early and not worry about the snowstorm that some of the area will get. We just ask that if anyone would like to take us up on the offer they either call us 413-442-0560 or email me (beth@vermontsoftware.com) so we have an idea of who would come and when they would arrive.

As of 6pm tonight, a couple of weather reports say we are getting 10 or more inches here in Pittsfield while others say we are only get 2-4in.

The course is in really excellent condition. If we get more snow, it will make the downhill alot nicer to come down in. I marked the lower portion today with orange ribbon and orange arrows and tomorrow morning I will mark the rest of it. The CCC building will be open this year with a nice fire going so that people can stay warm and dry. Registration will be in the building starting early Sunday morning.

Course records:
Richard Bolt 2004 28:17
Kelli Lusk 2004 36:38

Come and enjoy the snowshoe race!
Beth and Brad

Curly's Record Run Snowshoe Race - Update from Beth Herder
(19 January 2005)
From Beth -
If anyone has any questions, they can email me at Beth@vermontsoftware.com or call 413-442-0560. Thanks!

Update on Curly's Record Run being held in the Pittsfield State Forest, Sunday, January 23th at 10am [see above- 11am start!]. Registration from 8:30-9:45. Please remember that no alcoholic beverages are permitted in the State Forest. There are no bathrooms open in the Forest during the winter. There are several places to stop in Pittsfield to use the restrooms before arriving...

Course is in excellent condition. Yesterday we had 3" of new powder on a hard-pack base. The parking lot is the worse part of the course (very icy).

A couple places near the top of the Hawthorne is open for a couple of feet but you can go around those spots. Tonight-Tomorrow we are suppose to get another couple inches and temperatures are suppose to be below freezing from now until after Sunday.

Parking is tight so if you have to park on the entrance road, park way over on the side. The State Forest is a multi-use area so there will be snowmobilers and their vehicles in the area. In the past they have known we are having the race so they stay away until later in the afternoon...

We do have t-shirts this year with a great design going to the first 100 registered. Lots of raffle prizes to be given away. And a great cookout after the race. The chili, soup and hot dogs served up by the infamous "Curly".

Black House Snowshoe Report - from Peter Keeney
(Revised 14 January 2005)
Due to the monsoon like conditions that have hit the area the course has been reduced to the point of inadequate snow cover. I am forced to move the Black House to Sunday 1/23 at the same 12:00 Noon starting time. Hopefully by then we will have a new winter storm replenish our supplies. For any info and any questions feel free to contact me Peter at pktrldrt@midmaine.com or 207-288 2275.
Peter K.

Race Description previously posted...
There is six to eight inches of fresh powder on the trails right now for next Sunday's Black House snowshoe run here in Ellsworth, Maine... Any making the trip WMACer is free. Course is a 2 mile loop and repeating loops is okay for more distance. This snowshoe benefits the local food pantry in the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King. This is the fourth running of this event.

No North/South Pond race on Saturday January 8th
(From Ed, 5 January 2005)

No North / South Pond race on Saturday January 8th. We have to postpone the event due to the following:

Nothing at all on the ground as of today (Wednesday January 5th.) The woods were bare in Savoy, Ashford and even Woodford, VT (Paul Hartwig's son drove through/ Old Farmer Ed checked Savoy).

Today's snow left about a half inch of snow over muddy wet ground. There may be somewhere between 4 and 8in of snow accumulation Thursday. This really isnt enough with the ground unfrozen for a crowd of snowshoers. A dozen or so might be able to get around, but after that it would get mighty boney and wet. It is also hard to plan on what might be; the snow may or may not develop.

By holding off on the event at North / South Pond, it also allows us the following alternative:
If the snow comes in, and the Greylock Glen fills in nicely, that race is planned for Saturday January 15th. If the Glen doesn't end up with a decent snow covering then we can try to move the January 15th event to North Pond if conditions are better there at that time. If we can't do the North Pond or South Pond Loop on the weekend of the 15th we will try to come up with an alternative race course on one of the forest roads (which should be solid compared to trails, and less wet) as long as the State allows us this option. In other words, we will be very determined to get an event in next weekend someplace!

I apologize for having to call this one before the storm actually hits, but I live 90 miles from the event site and I just can't get everything marked and branches cut away in such a short period of time. If I lived right there, it would be easier on me.

If we do get an enormous amount of snow and the woods fill in, I am willing to show up at North Pond Saturday morning for a fun run on snowshoes for anyone who is interested in just getting on their snowshoes and/ or talking to Bob Dion if he is able to make it. Like I mentioned earlier, I don't think the soft ground will be able to support many people with the snow we are getting: but a dozen or so just out rambling might work. So if you are interested, email me and I will answer Thursday night with conditions (my dad is going to check the trails / snow depth around noon).

I realize many of you feel like snowshoeing, but with wet ground underneath the trails don't support many people, and what might have seemed like a good idea turns into something that isn't really much fun. So, we have to wait a bit longer. This isn't too bad either as last year didn't really start until Greylock Glen also, so we are still on target!


the merrimack river 3.3 mile event went off as a foot race Sunday and it was FUN! 21 finishers lead by Rich Bolt and Laurel Shortell. See results and RD report.

Boston Marathon - Run for the Disability Law Center
(submitted 24 November 2004)

The Disability Law Center has 10 official numbers to the 2005 Boston Marathon. The Disability Law Center is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to provide legal advocacy on disability issues that promote the fundamental right of ALL people with disabilities to participate fully and equally in the social and economic life of Massachusetts. DLC supplements its limited resources through fund-raising efforts like this one. Runners are asked to raise money for our organization. If anyone is interested in obtaining an official number to the Boston Marathon, please call 617 723-8455x123 or send an email at mail@dlc-ma.org. You may also visit our website at www.dlc-ma.org to obtain more information about the agency. Thank you.

Martha Jones
Office Manager
Disability Law Center

Guinea Pigs Wanted!
(last revised 4 November 2004)
  • Female Runners Wanted to Help UMass Exercise Science Study
    Help advance science and get a free body composition scan, VO2 max test + more. Details.
  • Male Runners Still Wanted for Springfield College Accelerade Study
    Free VO2max, lactate threshold measurements and $100 + performance bonus. Details.
  • Very fit, or sedentary, males 18-35 Wanted for Exercise and Nitrogen Balance Research
    The US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) in Natick, MA is conducting a research study examining the interaction between fitness level, energy intake and energy expenditure on protein utilization in "sedentary" and "fit" individuals. The results of this study will have a direct impact on what we feed our overseas soldiers. We here at USARIEM would like to extend the opportunity to participate in this important research to the members of the Western Mass Athletic Club... General information describing the study and the eligibility requirements. Contact: Phil Karl MS, RD, tel 508-233-5140.

WMAC Members Rule HMRR's 2004 Indian Ladder Trail Race - taking 5 of top 10 Places -
Sunday July 18th at John Boyd Thacher State Park, NY.
Thanks to the excellent club response to Bob Dion's inspiration to charter a coach bus to travel in style, 23 WMAC and local runners participated in the 15 km or 3.5 mile races, hosted by the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club. In the 15 km race, Kent Lemme placed 3rd, and Bob Dion, Jim Preite, John Colucci, and Mark Field took 6th through 9th of 129 runners.
Here are the Results, with our runners highlighted in blue, and Photos from the trip, picnic, and hike to the cliffs and cave.

Dion Snowshoes

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