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Grand Tree Trail Race Series


  • 2020 Grand Tree Trail Race Series
    Expect postponements or cancellations due to the Covid-19 epidemic.
    As explained on the GT page, the Grand Tree will not score the series for Stoneheads (total points) or overall winners (best six races). Races that are held will have results posted in Grand Tree form, so that you may see how your GT% score compares with past years, expectations, or peers.
    Opinions and ideas are welcome at any time, just email WMAC Webmaster.

  • cancellations ---
    Groton Town Forest, October 25th,
    Busa Bushwhack, November 1st,
    Upton State Forest, November 8th.

  • By the way...
    You are welcome to run Monroe Dunbar Brook as a DIY --- virtual run
    any time you please this season, and email your time to the for the GT Archives.
    Expect few or no trail markings - knowing the course, or having a GPS app or sense of adventure, is recommended.
    course map | Strava Segment | Gaia Track | GPX file

  • Toby, too!
    From Toby R.D. -
    "The Mt Toby Trail Challenge starts this weekend and ends on 10/31. There will be a full moon on Halloween night so it could make for a spectacular run. Please submit your times by replying to me, with Strava or Garmin link if available. FYI - the course will not be marked, so if you don't know the route use the Strava map or I can send you a GPX file! We will have a few small prizes available. Thanks!"
    Strava Map

  • Nipmuck Marathon
    GT Results | Results including 23K at Ultra-Signup
    26.4 mi, Ashford CT, virtual race Sept 26th - Oct 11th

  • Misc. Resources
    Trail maps reference section added to Links page
    Photos for many trail and road races at Ben Kimball Photography
    Ben's Trail Running Western Massachusetts is available in bookstores and online.

  • Grand Tree Results Archive - past performance is no guarantee of future results

WMAC & Notes


  • Wednesday & Friday fun runs...
    Starting from October 21st and thru the chilly season, fun runs start at 5:30pm from the Visitor's Center in Adams, and on Fridays at 5:30pm we run/walk from Russell Field where the bike path meets Fisk St. in Adams.

  • Monroe Dunbar Brook - canceled
    If you want to run the course on your own some random date in September, October, or November, please email in your time to help plug the hole in the record books.
    course map | Strava Segment | Gaia Track | GPX file

  • Website upgrade still in progress
    Please notify if you have questions, suggestions, or inexplicable desire to immerse yourself in post-Y2K web design.

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