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  • Wednesday night fun runs...
    Thru the chilly season, fun runs start at 5:30pm from the PNA at 13 Victory Street in Adams, and on Fridays at 5:30pm we run/walk from Russell Field where the bike path meets Fisk St. in Adams

  • Fat Ass 50 Results
    Saturday December 28th, 50K or less, North Adams, MA

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    Please notify if you have questions, suggestions, or inexplicable desire to immerse yourself in post-Y2K web design.

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Grand Tree Trail Race Series


  • 2020 Grand Tree Trail Race Series
        - expected to be posted by the end of January
    Planning the 2020 season's Grand Tree has started. If you completed the 2019 Grand Tree by running at least six races, please email WMAC Webmaster if you would like to take part. Opinions and ideas from anyone else are also welcome at any time. See you in the spring!

  • 2019 GT Final Season Results
    For runners with two or more races:
       Total points for you aspiring and accomplished Stoneheads
       Best 2,3...6 Races for Overall competition and seeing how you stand, pacewise
    All runners: Alphabetical Listing | spreadsheet in open document format

    Please email WMAC Webmaster if you think you have not been counted for all your races - if your name was misspelled in a race, a result may not have found its way to your totals.

    Overall, average of best six races run -
         Daniel Grip decisively won the men's overall Grand Tree with a 99.94% best of six races average, using only six races. Patrick Gee came in second with 80.3% in 6 races, and Andy Illidge third with 78.3% using best 6 of 7 races.
         Carolyn Wisnowski similarly had a decisive first place in women's overall, with 73.8% best six of seven races run. Katya Divari took second, with 55.7% in 8 races, and Mary Lou White third with 44% in 6 races.

    In the Stonehead competition for greatest total points summed over all races run -
         Carolyn Wisnowski took first place in the women's Stonehead competition with 512 points, Katya Divari took second with 433 points. Alexandra Ross ran extraordinarily well, with 341 points in 4 races, third highest total points of the women despite not running the minimum six races for an official GT finish.
         Ted Cowles ran 17 of the 19 possible races one could run, for a whopping 1173 points and first place in the men's Stonehead. Thomas Parker took second, with 709 points in 11 races run, followed by Dan Grip with 600 points (well, 599.66) in 6 races.

    Congratulations, 2019 Grand Tree series winners! And congratulations to all of you runners, for honoring the trails and the races by your participation.

  • Misc. Resources
    Trail maps reference section added to Links page
    Photos for many trail and road races at Ben Kimball Photography
    Ben's Trail Running Western Massachusetts is available in bookstores and online.

  • Grand Tree Results Archive - past performance is no guarantee of future results

Dion Snowshoe Series


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