The Message Board is up!

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The Message Board is up!

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... and the website upgrade is progressing, despite the utter absence of any visible progress. :oops:

This forum is open to be read by anyone on the web - that makes it more useful for posting information about upcoming races, trail conditions, and so on. If the wise elders and general membership of WMAC would like a private forum added for unihibited idle chatter, we can do that. Let me know!

Your old Message Board registration has not been carried over to the new board - please re-register if you want to post, and on general principles use a new password, which should not be the same as you might use for, say, online banking. Although the website now has https encryption, to keep your password safe from casual sniffing on public wi-fi for example, and both the new server and the version upgrade of phpBB software that runs the Message Board improve security, any website can be hacked.

As you register you may see terms of use and a privacy policy provided by phpBB and generic to forum websites. Although these seem sort of reasonable to me, I wrote a Privacy Policy for that I think better fits the website.

Once you have registered, you can go to your User Control Panel (click your user name at the upper right). Under "Profile", you may give yourself an avatar image, either by uploading an image 200x200 pixels and 20kB or less, or selecting from one of several gallery sets (including your old avatar, if you had one, in the "reserved-for-their-owners set).

The Message Board is presently set up to allow registered users to PM (private message) or email each other. You can keep your email address private or disable private messaging to you by the Board Preferences settings in your User Control Panel.

If you want to format your posts with more control there's a link to BBCode under the smilies to the right of the post composition box.

Have fun! Let me know if you have any problems.
WMAC webmaster

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