Subject: Wapack Trail Race is ON! 9/4/05
From: Squannacook River Runners
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 14:50:41 -0400 (EDT)

Wapack Trail Race is ON!

August 26, 2005

Dear Runner!

Squannacook River Runners, the producers of the annual Groton Road Race, is managing this year's Wapack Trail Race. It is free, except that Windblown (the start location) charges a $3 use/parking fee that we will need to collect from each runner.

WHAT: Wapack Trail Race
WHEN: 9:00 a.m., Sunday, September 4, 2005
WHERE: Windblown XC Ski Area, Rtes. 123/124, New Ipswich, NH (directions below)
DISTANCE: 17.5 miles out and back from Windblown to Mt. Watatic

There is lots of parking available. There are outhouses available. There is a hose available for runners to wash themselves off after the race (but they are asked to keep some clothes on Ė there have been unappreciated side shows in the past!). There are picnic tables that can be used, as well as lean-tos.

The Wapack Trail Race is a tough one. It includes four mountains (New Ipswich, Barrett, Pratt, and Watatic, from N to S) that runners go up and over in each direction. About 3700í climb all together.

SQRR will be providing water at the start/finish, as well as at the turnaround point near Rte. 119. There will be no aid in between, and you'll be reminded of this at the race start. Runners will need to carry their own water, food, etc.

And, please bring some food or drinks to share after the race. We'll have a Wapack Pot Luck!


Windblown XC Ski Area is on Rte. 123/124 in New Ipswich.

From the South:

Get to Townsend, MA. From the center of town (Rte. 13), take Rte. 119 west, and then go north at the intersection near the Antique Stores/Unfinished Furniture Store on the right and the brick general store on the left (Itís Mason Rd., which turns into Rte. 124 in NH). Itís a couple of miles or so west of the junction of Rte. 13 (Townsend Common). Stay on Rte. 124 towards New Ipswich, where Rte. 123 joins Rte. 124. Itís about 11 miles from where you turn north from Rte. 119. Itís on the left, just a bit before where Rte. 123 bears off to the right towards the Sharon Arts Center.

From the North:

Head south towards New Ipswich on either Rte. 123 or 124. Just after they join in New Ipswich, Windblown will be on your right.

If anyone has questions, please contact Paul Funch at 978-448-2813 or

Your race hosts,
Squannacook River Runners

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