Woodford Results Up + SnoNews_8_1

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Woodford Results Up + SnoNews_8_1

Postby edtrnews » Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:26 pm

Ok Sports Fans, Woodford Results are posted, and as an added treat the 2009 Barnyards Awards have been released, SnoNews_8.1

Thanks to Jack Quinn for doing Woodford 8 years now, as well as his helper John Pelton!! And Big Great Big Thank You to Laura and Jeff Clark, for taking the Barnyard;s off my hands last year.

I've updated the snowshoe site like a madman; that being said... as is normal - please check my links for me, etc etc (errors, mistakes, strange moves).

Just search around the snowshoe site and you should find everything.

Suggestions - please email me edtrnews at yahoo dot com -

Over and Out -



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