Seven Sisters

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Seven Sisters

Postby jagosto » Fri May 01, 2009 5:30 pm

Looking forward to my first Seven Sisters.......

I hope I feel the same after the race........

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Postby dion » Sun May 03, 2009 8:22 pm you?

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Postby jagosto » Mon May 04, 2009 3:51 pm


The Sisters beat me up pretty bad..... 7 Sisters is my 12th different GT
race that I have ran. In my opinion, the hardest one..

I will be back next year for another beating.....


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Is there a date for the 2010 SS race yet?

Postby bct » Fri Dec 11, 2009 1:03 pm

Getting psyched...

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Rob Higley
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Postby Rob Higley » Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:43 pm

Sisters is traditionally on the first Sunday of May, thus May 2, 2010 - just 142 days to train.
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